Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hot pants heels and Princess chat

I so loved wearing these hot pants! I did end up ruining them by getting a run in them when I went out to this club in Cleveland. That’s what happens when I party a bit to hard! Enjoy today's tan pantyhose and black heels photos. I'm sure I'll buy more of these type of leggings this fall. I thank the Goddess I have skinny legs to wear them lol.

I'm working on editing videos and some older photos; I've got thousands and thousands of them. I've worn more pantyhose, fetish outfits, and shoes than the regular every day woman lol. 

  This week my house is ready for all new photos and videos! It took a lot of work to get it ready for such events. I'll shoot about 3 months worth of photos and videos. 
I prefer taking photos and then making videos right after. I have taken a break from doing photoshoots and videos because I just needed a long break. After all, your Goddess has been doing cam and photoshoots for a few years now. I never really took a vacation for a good 10 years. I have travelled, but it has been for photo shoots of me and other hot chicks.

So, its obvious I was in need of a good break. It took a lot of work for me even take a break. I re-did my entire lifestyle. I party more now. HAHAH.  I had no idea what an intense person I'd become.
I'm much more laid back and relaxed. I just want to have fun at what I do. 

Now, you gentlemen who enjoy nylon, feet, heels and glamour can find me on my main site, Ahotsexychick.com. I have many fetish and fantasy related interests that I share with my callers and admirerers. If you're ready to have some fun and indulge in your fetishes, purchase my pis and videos and, when you have the opportunity, give me a call. You'll love our phone session if you're not too shy to call.

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