Thursday, December 2, 2010

(Legs & heels)- Why I love shoes and legs

What is there not to love about pantyhose and sexy shoes? As a bisexual woman, I find other women very attractive in their pantyhose and lovely high heels. I like too see both women and men wearing them. I have no issues with this. 

On my journeys, I have found that a fetish IS normal (whatever normal is), and should be enjoyed as long as it doesn't prevent you from carrying on your daily life. However, since men think about 'sex' once every three seconds, it's probably difficult for many men to deal with their particular fetish. I do suspect that you male bottoms in pantyhose-land spend a lot of time thinking and looking at pantyhose Goddesses like me. I know that you wish you could hide that from people, but you no longer can. I KNOW, and now you KNOW that I know.

 I won't tell anyone your fetish secrets, but I will speak to all of you bottoms male or female. I don't think women should be embarrassed (unless its in a session) just because she is a bottom. I myself am not. There is a small percent of me that does love to be put in bondage. I enjoy the feeling of the ropes on my wrists and ankles. You might ask why as a TOP I would enjoy such a thing. It's easy; for a few minutes in time, I get too give up my control. It just relaxes me. It really is that simple. I prefer not to do that though very often with my customers and admirerers. I just go with the flow as most people really should. :) I do know one thing, and that is women really do hold the most power sexually. Now if more women would know this, then we would all go right over the top of the male species mahahaha.

Princess Mandy

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