Sunday, September 9, 2012

After dark drinks

 Here is a great recipe to your favorite Princess Gin drink. Remember only use Bombay Gin!
This is a cocktail with a kick and additively delicious. I have to say it is enormously useful as a quick shot of party spirit before you go to someone else’s party. I always feel better the next day, having a stiff drink before and water (sparkling rather than still but, hey, let’s live a little) during a party. Although it is a sour apple martini, at home I refer it only as Kryptonite. The lurid green is quite something. I’ve given quantities per glass simply because it’s better made up glass by glass and you can hand them round to your guests as they request them. I wouldn’t want to make these for a huge roomful of people, but they are perfect as a way of helping those who’ve hot-footed from the office and are weary with the working day unwind at the beginning of a dinner party.



In a martini glass, combine the vodka or gin over lots of ice, and add the liqueur and syrup.
Slice a segment of apple removing any core. Cut a nick in the bottom of the slice horizontally, and slip it onto the edge of the glass.

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